Freely worshiping the Lord-Bold as a Lion-flowing from a place of brokenness, humility, and intimacy


ABOUT US: Important information is found here: Statement of Faith & Etc. (Ministry Page)

The Parade of Nations is a GLOBAL Call to Worship the GREAT I AM, God! (Isa 61:11). It will feature Praise & Worship, Native Attire, Gospel music, Prophetic Psalmist(s), singing and dancing from all over the globe. This multicultural celebration kicks-off @ 7pm Friday with Xtreme Worship! Prophetic  Procession! Ministry Arts welcomed. Join a Party that all of heaven is attending!

Gathering the nations in Pageantry! Proclamation! and Performing Arts! Come and represent your nation with your flag Ministry.  3 Grand Marshals and 7 Prophetic Procession Directors positions open… See WOE ONLINE POLICIES forms on how to register.

2018 global graphics


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  2. A New heart on the scene in 2016

    Worship Gathering April 1-2-3, 2016
    Thank you.

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