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Parade of Nations Flag Ministry

Wanting to know more about Flags/Banners and Pageantry used in Worship unto the GREAT I AM GOD?  Our deliberate aim is to first and foremost Worship the KING of Kings and to make disciples that will go and teach all nations…  Mat 28:19-20.  This Flag Ministry is to equip the saints with weapons for warfare to break strongholds, to fight the good fight, and to win the battle – for JESUS is Captain of the Hosts.  Our Father is using new tools as strategies in this end-times.  Oh come, Let us Worship and Bow down, Let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker! Ps 95:6   Let us Pray, Let’s Worship in Spirit and in Truth!!!

Beginner’s class is now in session… Started 4/11/2017

Here’s your chance to join us every Tuesday 6-7pm CST for training. Some Classes are online Facebook Live, Emails, on-site, and videos. Beginner’s Class for the first 3 Months are only a donation of $5 ea until 7/11/2017, thereafter $15 donation per class.  Currently this class are on Tuesdays except special arrangement classes and Saturday night accelerated Class.

Address: 445 E Bowen Ave (Garden Level) Chicago IL 60653 .Tuesdays 6-7pm CST.

Suggested Donation*Evening Classes 4pm-9pm (CST) $50pp – offered Saturday-nights Only. 3 month Minimum.  This is an *accelerated class!!!

ONE Year Initiative…  *Accelerate/Advance Classes $25 Donation per class offered according to your schedule, week-days as much as possible, except there is NO FRIDAY NIGHT CLASSES – 3 Months minimum to 1 Year – Certificate of completion issued after 1 year, then graduation ceremony. Class books price vary-Missed classes must be made up. (Saturday DAY class unavailable-only evenings).  Check back often content and suggested donations on this web-site can change without notice.

Our God: Yahuah has appointed us to…  Oh,Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker. Ps 95:6.

*Initiative = A new plan or process to achieve something or solve a problem. The ability to assess and initiate things independently. Resourcefulness, inventiveness, imagination, ingenuity, originality, creativity, enterprises, drive, dynamism, ambition, motivation, spirit, energy, vision.

For other detailed information concerning these courses email:  FLAG TRAINING PON . You will have the opportunity to flag @ the Parade of Nations Global Worship Gathering 2018!!!   Stash some away for that Great Day 2018!!!…. Check back often.

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2 Years Program

The Works Of Elohim offers a Mentoring Program that nurtures men and women who have answered the CALL of YAH GOD upon their lives in the Five-fold Ministry. As JESUS trained and taught HIS Disciples great “Pearls of Truths, Profound Parables, fasting often, and in prayers”; we too desire to follow the same pattern. This Ministry is open to individuals who desire to be trained in holiness as Navy Seals are trained in Boot Camp. If you are able to make the grade, this program is for you. Contact us for further details. Specify which class you are interested in. Wednesdays only 6-9pm CST, promptly.